Andre Boule

Quebec, Canada

Hi Barry, Here is a few words to tell you how much I have enjoyed my trip in South Africa with Nitro Safaris. One thing is very certain Barry did every thing to make sure we get our trophies. I am very happy with the animals that I have harvested with Nitro Safaris. If you have anyone who has a doubt about the quality of the hunt at Nitro Safaris ,you can have them call me and I will be more than happy to let them know how it is. Your friend Andre Boule E-mail: andre.boule@cgocable.ca Tel: 1+514-915-4803

Tony Pavell

Peoria, Arizone

This was my first trip to South Africa and Barry and his staff with Nitro Safaris went above and beyond all my expectations, I will be back hunting with Barry (Nitro Safaris) again !!! Thanks for a great HUNTING experience. E-mail: cp@cpcontractors.com Tel: 602-710-9233

Dick Wilber

Lubbock, Texas

Barry, How do you say "Thank you" for the experience of a life time ? The courtesy's and kindnesses shown me by your staff and the effort's put forth by you on my behalf far exceeded what any hunter has a right to expect !! The accommodations and food--thank you Cheryl--would put many 5 star hotels to shame !! The quantity and quality of the game was outstanding !!! ( Several record book animals attests to that !)
"Thanks" is really not a strong enough word for filling my lifelong dream with so many truly wonderful memories, but it's all I can think of, and I feel blessed that you have made me a part of your family !!
PS: Always thought this would be a once in a life time trip, but I'm saving my penny's to come back !!
(806) 794-2512

Lennie Rezmer


I have bow hunted all over the world from Russia to Vietnam including two other bow hunting trips to Africa. Both my wife Connie and I can say it was one of the best hunts we have ever taken. This particular hunt we had everything going against us full moon very cold weather and a lot of wind and Barry and his staff did everything possible to make sure we were going to get opportunity at bow shots for the animals we really wanted. The thing I like most was Nitro Safaris has several concession options. Connie and I were looking for some very specific animals and they could be found on at least one of these concession. Being a bowhunter I particularly like the “Only Bow Hunting Concession” which had one of the best bow hunting setups I have ever hunted. Lennie Rezmer Executive Vice President of Carbon Express arrows. Cell: 810-730-5979 lrezmer@eastmanoutdoors.com

Mike Trent

Cloverdale, OR

I hunted with Barry of Ntiro Safaris in Kimberley, South Africa in July 2011. I had never been to South Africa hunting before. I was extremely pleased with everything from picking us up at the airport, to the accommodations and the food was exceptionally good thanks to Cheryl. I harvested all for spring bucks, eland, and a gems buck. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nitro Safaris to anyone who is interested in going to South Africa to hunt. I am already planning my return trip back in the near future. 36000 Jenck Rd. Cloverdale, OR 97112 503-801-1456 mstrent@embarqmail.com

Larry Eisenbarth

North Bend, Oregon

HI BARRY & STAFF: What exactly are the 7 wonders of the world ??? I think they are -- to see -- to hear -- to touch - to taste -- to laugh -- to feel -- to love. Let me apply that to my Nitro Safaris. After passing through the gate to the lodge I could SEE a blue sky second to none , off in the distance wild animals running for cover. I could HEAR my heart pounding with the excitement of the hunt I could FEEL the recoil from my rifle after my PH found the animal I wanted. To TOUICH and take pictures of the trophy I had taken. To TASTE some of the finest food prepared by Cheryl and staff. To LAUGH setting around the fire telling tails of past exploits. I LOVED ever second of my time in South Africa on my NITRO SAFARIS and I WONDER why I am not there NOW. It was special !!!!

Samuel Wright

Arnold, Missouri

Dear Barry: I just want you to know that Nitro Safari has exceeded my dreams of an African Safari. You have provided the Best Experience I have ever imagined of what a safari would be like. From the very first moment of being at the fantastically beautiful Lodge to the complete experience of your hospitality, my dream safari was perfect. The selection and quantity plus the quality of animals available is astounding. The food cooked by Cheryl was so wonderful and plentiful that I was surprised that I didn’t gain weight. Again everything was superb. I am definitely going to return to visit my friends there at Nitro Safaris, Barry and Cheryl, of course Dumpy (?) (Barry’s Jack Russell Terrier) 16 Wampler Drive Arnold, Missouri, 63010 314-971-6902 cwasam@prodigy.net

Ronald Bemmann

I would like to thank the folks at Nitro Safaris for a truly outstanding ten days of bow hunting. This white tail hunter from Wisconsin had no clue as to what to expect in South Africa. I contracted for six animals and expected maybe half that number. Not so. P.H. Barry Vermeulen pulled out all stops to make certain I bagged six dandy sized trophies and one cull. The African style lodge and rooms are superior. The experienced trackers and wonderful cook (that put six pounds on my bod) made my stay outstanding. I would do this again in a heartbeat. My thanks to Nitro Trading & Safaris for a trip I will never forget. 920-743-4556 Email : nancybs@wildblue.net

Ed Page

I was one of 7 people that hunted in S.A. with Nitro Safaris. We were met promptly at the airport in Kimberley and they walked us through all of the entry procedures without a hitch. We were driven to the hunting lodge and were met by the staff and personal handlers, where we began our adventure. After making sure our rifles were still accurate, the fun began! There were so many animals and opportunities, one must choose carefully. However, the guides will be sure to get you a shot at the best and biggest. I took 2 Warthog, a Red Hartebeest and a Blue Wildebeest. I deferred on a trophy Kudu, as I need a reason to return! The food is excellent, thanks to Cheryl and her staff, the lodging was wonderful, and laundry done to perfection. Barry and his handlers will put you in the best situations possible to get your animals. I will be going back as soon as possible. I thought this would a once in a lifetime trip, but once is not enough! Oh, and be sure to take advantage of the side excursions! ed@camaslandscape.com | Tel: 541-688-1650

Darrell & Teri Frost

Eugene, Oregon

"We had the opportunity and privilege to hunt with Barry and his crew at Nitro Safaris in May 2010. We were extremely happy with the service and the hunting opportunities we had. We felt as though we had been friends for years. They went out of their way to make sure that our needs and desires were taken care of. We plan on returning as soon as possible, we had a great time.." Tel: 541-688-1899 E-mail: darrellnteri@msn.com

Mike Caprarelli


I hunted with Barry of Nitro Safaris in Kimberley, South Africa in May 2010. Not ever having been there and not knowing what to expect, I was totally pleased with the experience. I harvested an eland, zebra, kudu, wart hog and water buck. Barry and his staff were exceptional; thoroughly professional. The accommodations were super and the food was great. I can’t say enough about how pleased I was and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nitro Safaris to anyone wanting to experience a first class safari! My contact information for anyone wishing to speak with me or get more information is: tel:401-397-3424 (USA), E-mail: esplex@verizon.net

Jack & Irene Ogan

Junction City, Oregon, USA

Tel : 541-998-6424 E-mail : onrbryt@comcast.net

Allen Dunn

Ontario, Canada

To Nitro Safaris & staff. I had the hunt of a lifetime and my expectations were more than exceeded. The meals, accommodation and animals were of top quality. Barry and the rest of the staff went out of their way to accommodate us with every part of the trip. Their attention to detail was perfect, their effort in tracking the animals and the work they put into making sure that I got exactly the animals I wanted, and making sure they were of top trophy quality and nothing less, which was outstanding. Everyone I talk to asks if I will be going back , and my answer is “already planning it”, and most definitely with Barry and Nitro Safaris. The list of animals is already made, it’s a little extensive but I am still working on it, so most definitely I WILL BE BACK!! Tel: 1-613-735-4446 E-mail: oakridge@nrtco.net

Don Williams

Lavergne, TN

Hi Barry & staff, I really had a great time, and everyone was very nice and accomidating. The lodges were very beautiful, the food was great and the portions were way more than I could eat!! The hunt itself was awsome. There were plenty of animals, but you really had to hunt for them. Contact me at any time for any info on my hunt with Nitro Safaris.
P.O. Box 967
Lavergne, TN 37086
Office 615-793-7333
Fax 615-793-7354